TEDxWinnipeg Team

TEDxWinnipeg is a volunteer-run not-for-profit organization. Everyone involved is in it just for the love of spreading great ideas. TEDxWinnipeg is led by a steering committee and supported by volunteers on several specialized committees.

Steering Committee

Nicole Jensen (chair)
Margaux Miller
‘Segun Olude
Kevin Roberts
Kerry Stevenson
Brent Toderash
Craig White
Grant White


Guest Experience

Kevin Anticura
Sarah Giesbrecht
Jason Granger
Amy McAngus
Margaux Miller (team lead)
Megan Redmond
Stephanie Reid
Marc Schaeffer
Alex Torcolacci


Nadine Delisle
Hilary Friesen
Trisha Kamani
Brenna Morfitt
Cory Papineau
Megan Redmond
Brent Toderash (team lead)


Kale Bonham
Mary Anne Isaak
Dwight MacAulay
Patrick O’Reilly
Cheyenne Schroeder
Amanda Simpson
Marney Stapley
Kerry Stevenson (team lead)


Dan Blair
Ryan Jensen
Suzanne Lahr
Shana Menkis
Yanik Ottenbreit
John Pozios
Samantha Rodeck
Craig White (team co-lead)
Grant White (team co-lead)

Key Volunteers
(No Formal Committee)

Backstage: Reyn Redekopp
Design: ‘Segun Olude
Photography: Ian McCausland
Photography: Richard Ray
Tech Liaison: Brent Toderash
Venue Liaison:
 Nicole Jensen
Video: Lucas Hokanson
Video: Craig Johnson

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