Lunch Time

Scroll down to see which food truck you’ll want to visit over the lunch break. Prices listed where available.

Hand Pinched Perogies
7 perogies per order, prices include tax

Baba’s Platter – cheddar cheese and potato perogies served with grilled garlic sausage, pickle, caramelized onion, bacon, sour cream, dill and chives. 14

Traditional – cheddar cheese and potato perogies served with caramelized onion, bacon, sour cream, dill and chives.  11

Four Cheese – a balanced blend of mozzarella, gouda, parmesan, provolone and potato perogies served with bacon, sour cream, dill and chives. 12

Nacho – pan fried cheddar cheese and potato perogies served with melted cheddar cheese, pickled jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, sour cream and chives. 13

Truffle Shuffle – cheddar cheese and potato perogies served with wild mushroom gravy, dill and chives. 13

Garlic sausage – 3
Dill pickle – 1
Bottled Water – 2
Soft Drink – 2

Mobile Wood Fired Pizza
Pepperoni and Mushroom
Meat Lovers (pepperoni, ham and Italian sausage)
Ham and Pineapple
Vegetarian (spinach, tomato and bell peppers)
Spinach, Pesto and Provolone Cheese (pesto sauce) (vegetarian)
Prosciutto, Fior di Latte (fresh mozzarella) and arugula
Artichoke and Tomato (vegetarian)

Specials (all prices include tax)
#1 – 2 Tacos, Tortilla chips & Salsa and a Drink – 14
#2 – 2 Tacos, Tortilla chips & Guacamole and a Drink – 15
#3 – “3 Amigo” – 3 Tacos and a Drink – 12
#4 – “Low Rider” – 3 Tacos, Tortilla Chips & Salsa and a Drink – 17

Tacos– 2 for $8 or 3 for $11
Our tacos are served on a 6 inch soft corn tortilla topped with coleslaw, pico de gallo and queso fresco cheese

Beef – Barbacoa, Slow roasted & marinated with our own special house rub

Chicken – Pollo, Seasoned and slowly cooked to perfection

Pulled Pork – Carnitas, Prepared in a Cochinita Pibil style, a traditional Mexican marinade

Black Bean – Frijoles Negro, Simmered with onion and garlic and herbs

Fresh tortilla chips and house made salsa fresca – 5
Fresh tortilla chips and house made guacamole – $6/Side-$3

Jerk Chicken Wings (a perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy) – 11

Roti – Chicken or Beef (seasoned flat bread filled with curried potatoes and choice of meat.) – 11

Trinidadian Doubles – 2 per order (curried chick peas served between a fried flat bread) – 6

Cassava Fries (served with aioli) – 7
Ceviche con Tostones (plantain citrus with aromatic white fish) – 9
Aloo Pies – 4 per order (Trinidadian fried perogies) – 7

Jerk Chicken Wrap (jerk chicken breasts, mango salsa, aioli, shredded lettuce, hot pepper sauce, cilantro) – 10

Island Taco – 2 per order (fried flat bread filled with tequila infused apple wood jerk pork, Caribbean chimichurri, mango salsa and house made hot sauce) – 9

Jamaican Beef Patty – 4

Island Sliders – 3 per order (tequila infused apple wood jerk pork with a Caribbean mango slaw, house made hot sauce and aioli in between plantains) – 10

Island poutine (cassava fries topped with curry chickpeas, aioli, tamarind and garnished with cilantro – 10  (Add jerk pork – 2)

Chana (crispy fried spicy seasoned chickpeas) – 2

Solo (Caribbean soda assorted flavours) – 2
Water – 1.50
Gatorade – 3.50

Site menu not yet available.

Site menu not yet available

Mokimo Potatoes (mashed potatoes, peas & corn seasoned with herbs

Nairobi Fried Plantains (plantain bananas deep fried & drizzled with salt and pepper)

Kisumu Fried Cassava (cassava boiled, seasoned with African Spices then deep fried)

Amboseli Sweet Potato Fries (sweet potato/yam strips, deep fried & seasoned with salt)

Rice Pilau (Rice steamed & blended with herbs)

Mombasa Sautéed spinach (spinach sautéed with onion & tomato topped with coconut cream)

Chapati Flat Bread (pastry made from whole wheat flour & pan fried)

Jambo Beef Curry (tender beef spiced with African spices & simmered)

Marsala Fries African Poutine (Home fries topped with a curry sauce)

BBQ Chicken Skewer (marinated chicken chunks, skewered & barbequed)

BBQ Beef Skewer (marinated beef chunks, skewered & barbequed)

Serengeti Chicken (chicken marinated with authentic African spices then simmered)

Beef Samosas (ground beef, browned & seasoned with onions, natural herbs & spices then fried in pastry pockets)

Vegetable Samosas (potatoes, peas, carrots and lentils fried & seasoned with fried onions; natural herbs & spices then fried in pastry pockets)