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(TEDxWinnipeg was known as TEDxManitoba prior to 2015)

TEDxManitoba Speaker Team

One might think TEDxManitoba’s speaker team merely picks a bunch of interesting folks to put on the stage, but that’s not the case. We do much more than select a person to speak; the program is curated based on ideas and what absolutely needs to be shared. We try our best to ensure the program covers a wide variety of viewpoints and work with the speakers over a long period to ensure they deliver the most amazing talk they’ve ever given.

Our team is composed of former TEDx speakers and professional performance coaches who have significant experience delivering talks and presentations.   Whether a speaker is highly experienced or has never delivered a public speech in their lives, our team is able to coax the very best from our speakers, through a mentoring process we’ve developed over several years.  Our process includes multiple rehearsals, including a dress rehearsal on the very stage where they’ll be performing and being teamed with a “Speaker Buddy”.  The Committee member and their selected TEDxManitoba speaker work together during the months leading up to our TEDx event, creating confidence in their performance so they are able to deliver the best talk possible.

Yes, it’s a great deal of work for our team, but we see the results because our dedication matters and we believe sharing ideas can make things happen.

Speakers for 2014