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(TEDxWinnipeg was known as TEDxManitoba prior to 2015)

Above: Jose Rueda, Chair of TEDxPearlRiver introduces TEDxManitoba to attendees and the greater audience participating through the live stream.

TEDxManitoba & Your Mission

TEDXManitoba aims to develop a community of like-minded, highly informed and engaged innovators, designers, thinkers, technologists and socially concerned individuals in the heart of Canada. By hosting some of the world’s most fascinating speakers, TEDXManitoba will spark discussion and spread ideas in an atmosphere of community, sharing, and action.

Emergence: Culture, Technology & Community

Emergence is happening all around us. Small, interconnected, and seemingly disorganized occurrences and interactions are formulating to produce new ideas in culture, technology, and community.

Each idea is like a seed. It must germinate in fertile soil before it musters the strength to surge towards the light of day. Emergence from the ground is not the end, but the beginning. This is where we are today – the start of a journey together.

Your Mission

Your mission, as a TEDxManitoba attendee, is to help grow and spread these ideas – your networks are the branches; the acts inspired are the leaves. Help this tree of emerging ideas grow and reach a sky of infinite possibilities.

Help change the world one idea, one act, one life at a time.

2011 Event Photos

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TEDxManitoba 2012 Press