2011 Team



How do we begin to thank a group of people who have inspired us so much and renewed our faith in the human spirit?

To the TEDxManitoba sponsors, committee members, committee chairpersons and volunteers: thank you. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your motivation to make TEDxManitoba something special, and for going above and beyond to show everyone that Manitoba has ideas worth spreading.

There were so many great people willing to put in a lot of personal time and skills toward this event. It was almost embarrassing that so much was getting done and, we, as the co-chairs were not the ones doing it. We have both worked on complex projects like this before but we have to say that the level of volunteer involvement with TEDxManitoba has been one of a kind.

Paraphrasing one of our committee members, “As much as TEDx is about ideas worth spreading, hopefully our speakers will motivate everyone with their ideas worth doing.”

Norm Lee
Russ Smith
TEDxManitoba 2011 co-chairs

TEDxManitoba 2011 Press