Remember that feeling of inspiration, conversation, sharing and connection that you experienced at a TEDxManitoba or TEDxWinnipeg event? Well, we miss it and we miss you.

TEDxWinnipegSalon is a new initiative for us, and if you attended any of our previous events, you’re welcome to join us! TEDx Salons are official TED-sanctioned events (locally-organized, like TEDx) to help keep the spirit of TEDx alive in a community between major events, so you can anticipate the same kind of engaged and inspiring atmosphere you’ve come to expect from TEDxWinnipeg, but in a smaller and less formal setting that invites more participatory discussion.

Four reasons why you’ll love TEDx salons:

Discussion:  With generally smaller audiences, Salons will be programmed with great chances to get know and exchange ideas with fellow TEDx-sters.

Focused: Each Salon will focus on only one subject of importance to our community.

Format:  We can set Salons in the best location and program style that suits the topic, or us.

Frequency:  We’ll meet 8 – 9 times per year so you can reignite your passion and inspiration with this exciting way to stay engaged through the year.

The gatherings will be after regular work day hours – we’re looking at primarily Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays

They’ll be (ideally) somewhere where everyone can come for a discounted dinner and beverage (6pm) with a program of some sort to follow (7pm) and discussion time (8pm).

If you’ve kept your TEDx badge, please wear it to the TEDxWinnipegSalon. If not, don’t worry – we’ll have some low-tech stick-on nametags for you to use. See you there!