TEDxWinnipeg 2020 Application Form

VERY IMPORTANT: Before you apply, PLEASE READ OUR INTRODUCTION to understand the types of talks we are looking for.


Speaker Application

  • (must be 15 minutes or less)
  • What do you want people to do differently after hearing your talk? What actions would you like them to undertake?
  • Who are you? What makes you appropriate to discuss this topic? Include links to any relevant pages you'd like us to watch.
  • We'd really like to see you in action , if you have a video. Feel free to create a new video if you'd don't already have one.
  • Which one item best matches your talk?
  • (This is not final, just be descriptive.)
  • Good TEDx talks typically require considerable effort to refine them before delivery and we want to ensure you have enough free time to do so. How much time can you CONSISTENTLY spend developing your talk?
  • Before we finalize the speaker selections, all shortlisted final candidates will present a 2-3 minute pitch for their topic to the TEDxWinnipeg team for evaluation.
  • We strongly advise speakers to participate in as many development events as possible. Which of the following can you attend?
  • Depending on sponsorship, we may include an evening reception the night before the event, for example, a "Meet The Speakers" private event.
  • Consider schools, boards, companies, projects, shows, etc. Tell us about a little bit about it.