TEDxWinnipeg holds a one-day event each year in Winnipeg, MB. The event is a volunteer-run nonprofit, and no appearance fees are paid to speakers — for us, it’s all about spreading great ideas. Originally known as TEDxManitoba, the annual event changed its name in 2015 in keeping with changes to the TEDx naming guidelines. Since our first event in February 2011, we’ve hosted more than 114 TEDx Talks, each one representing an idea worth spreading.


2020 Details:

Location: Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, John Hirsch Mainstage
174 Market Avenue.

Date: Thursday, June 4th

Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Guest Experience

Sparsh Agrawal
Kevin Anticura
Stephen Bryden
Sarah Giesbrecht
Heather Hinam
Carolyn Klassen
Barry J Kopulos
Naomi Lahr
Margaux Miller
Derek Neufeld
Steven Pham
Megan Redmond
Todd Scott
Alexandra Younger (Lead)

Speaker Team

Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman
Sherry Benson-Podolochuk
Kale Bonham
Caity Curtis
Mary Anne Isaak
Dwight MacAulay
Cheyenne Schroeder
Stephen Sim
Amanda Simpson
Marney Stapley
Kerri Salki

Kerry Stevenson (Lead)
Alissa Watson


Suzanne Lahr
Rose Neufeld (Lead)


Lauren Baird
Sabrina Carnevale
Karen Ilchena
‘Segun Olude (Design Lead)
Alyson Shane (Comms Lead)
Ed Vorst

Key Volunteers

Back Stage: Vix Cabrara
Photography: Richard Ray
Stage Management: Pam Becker
Stage Management: Reynold Redekopp
Technical: Lucas Hokanson