Monique Andrew

How Your Treasure Chest Can Save the World


Sharing how repurposing makes life more interesting and environmentally friendly, Monique Andrew wants people to reimagine how they acquire the things they need and know the environmental impact of buying cheap stuff, especially in terms of “fast fashion”. She asks us to use our imagination to reinvent and reuse items to reduce our consumer impact on the globe.


Monique is a mother, a personal stylist, hair and makeup artist, fashion blogger, YouTuber, model, vintage enthusiast, party planner, professional thrifter and social media personality better known as Style Hunter Fox.

Wearing so many hats means her days are never the same but this creative chaos is what keeps her batteries charged.

Monique always loved playing dress up, her dad’s old army foot locker acting as the family Tickle Trunk. She would also spend hours using her seamstress mother’s bag of scrap fabrics to dress and re-dress her barbies with flourish, learning at an early age to take something simple and be able to see what it could become. She was able to experience the joy of dreaming up a dress for a special occasion and seeing it come to life under her mother’s skilled hands.

That love of fantasy and dress up never went away. Now she enjoys working on pinup and creative photo shoots, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. She gets a great charge out of attending themed, costume events like the Roaring 2020s, the Pride & Prejudice Ball, and the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken Steampunk Tea & Bazaar. She takes pride in re-imagining vintage and thrifted pieces to create historically accurate looks for them all.

Her two daughters have inherited her penchant for fantasy and imagination. The budding cosplayers are developing their own reputations for showing up at school in something over-the-top whenever their uniforms aren’t required. As a family, they dream up the most elaborate themed parties, transforming their home into the most unlikely places like a coral reef, a faery garden, a tropical destination, a steampunk mastermind workshop, and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry-twice. Their friends (and their parents!) always look forward to what the three of them have come up with next.

As a personal stylist, she is a firm believer that we should all be able to focus on what we do best and trust our weaknesses to the experts. Monique takes great pride in helping her clients wade the confusing waters of fashion to feel an ease and confidence in how they step out into the world every morning.

Using all of her creative talents, Monique loves encouraging her clients, YouTube subscribers, and Instagram followers to bring more style, colour and magic into their lives. With the growing, global need for sustainable fashion practices she promotes her “Shop With Heart” mantra of supporting local designers, small businesses and thrifting whenever possible. She wants everyone to not only look fabulous but to feel great about how they got there.