Ryan Mayberry

The Future History Of Art


In the past, visual artists had limited abilities to protect their creations or influence how it was used once it left their hands. Everyone who comes in contact with a work of art can add to its provenance and history. Today, progressive use of technology can help artists protect their work’s stories and legacy. How do you filter through the noise and verify the digital footprint of an artwork?


Ryan Mayberry is the founder of ArtMoi, the world’s first cloud based artwork registry that can track the lifespan of a single work of art. He is a software engineer and partner at Mayberry Fine Art and Consignor Auctions Limited and has served on the board of directors for both the Art Dealers Association of Canada and the Winnipeg Executive Association.

Ryan contributes his time and expertise to dozens of open source software development projects around the world. Through Ryan’s two passions, art and technology, he and the company strive to fulfill ArtMoi’s mission: to empower artists and make art more accessible to everyone.