Ali Ashtari

Spiritual but not Religious: an Iranian Immigrant Story


Peace comes from within.


Five Questions with Ali Ashtari

What motivates you?


What do you do for a living and why?

I am the Head of Research at Invenia Technical Computing where our team develops numerical approaches to optimize electricity consumption. I love it because the technical skills I acquired throughout my PhD are directly applicable, the work is innovative and exciting and it helps reduce emissions due to electricity grid inefficiencies.

Which TED talk do you think everyone should watch?

Matthieu Ricard: The habits of happiness

Why are you excited to speak at TEDxManitoba?

It will help me express my deep gratitude for this life, humans and the planet.

What is your idea worth spreading?

Peace comes from within.

What’s your connection to Manitoba?

I live and work in Winnipeg. I did my PhD studies at the University of Manitoba.