Alyson Shane

The Positive Power of Digital Communities


Often, we see social networks as echo chambers, meaningless chatter, or a waste of time, but when we use them to connect with other like-minded individuals, they can lead to life-altering experiences. We need to reconsider how we look at social networks, and see them as a force for good in the world.


Alyson Shane is a Winnipeg writer who has been publishing content online for 15 years. Growing up, she spent her free time in online forums and communities, which developed into a passion for social media and digital communication. In 2014, she started her digital marketing agency, Starling Social.

Alyson has been recognized as one of Manitoba’s Top Social Media Influencers by CBC Manitoba and featured as one of Winnipeg’s Hottest Bloggers on Shaw TV. She is the lead contributor to the MTS Business Hub and manages the National Film Board’s What Brings Us Here Instagram narrative about indigenous-led activism in Winnipeg.