List of TEDxWinnipeg Speakers

(Includes TEDxManitoba)


1491s Play With Themselves: Imagery and Reclamation

Aisha Alfa

Holding Hands with Failure on the Road to Creativity

Aisha Alfa


Alastair Clarke

Imagine No Countries

Alex Drysdale

It's Time We Put Bugs in our Pantry

Alexandra Hasenpflug

Hearing in Technicolor

Ali Ashtari

Spiritual but not Religious: an Iranian Immigrant Story

Ali Saeed

Barefoot Man is Coming

Althea Guiboche

Got Bannock? In Honour of the Village we Once Had

Alyson Shane

The Positive Power of Digital Communities

Amy Krahn

The Humble Wooden Spoon

Andrea Kraj

Smart Cities Begin With You

Andrew John Milne

Angela Cassie

What is an Inspiring Encounter with Human Rights?

Bernard McCoy

Commerce With Compassion: Social Entrepreneurism for the 21st Century

Brad Tyler-West

Opposites Distract

Bradley Shende

The Joy of Clicking

Brian Bowman

What do you do after the bullets miss you?

Caity Curtis & Stephen Sim

TEDxWinnipeg Emcees

Cal Harrison

Five billion reasons to change the RFP

Carly Shuler

Digital Play: Potential and Possibilities

Carolyn Klassen

Learning from the Sequoias: the Value of Interconnectedness

Cheryl Ferguson

Motivating People to Excellence

Chris Summerville

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Cornelius Buller

Marginalized Women and the Attitudes of Men who Propel it

Daniel Blair

Reforging Reality

Darrick Baxter

How Technology is Saving Native Tribe Languages

David Falk

Swim Sideways: Break the Grip of the Rip!

David Gingera

The urban agriculture revolution

David Samborski

Our Turn in Space

David Zinger

Hive Alive: To Bee or Not to Be?

Dené Sinclair

Indigenous Tourism

Derek Neufeld

Small vs. Large Scale Generation

Deri Latimer

Choose Life

Diane Roussin

Indigenous Social Innovation

Dr. Nicole Buckley

Space Health and Aging Research

Dwight MacAulay

Protocol, Who Needs It?

Earl Gardiner

Taking Back the Night

Emeka Nnadi

The Transformative Power of Play

Francis Amara

Community Engagement: Science in the Inner City

Frank Plummer

Is There Natural Immunity to HIV?

Gem Newman

Curiosity Didn't Kill the Cat

Getty Stewart

Sharing Our Surplus

Gord Parke

Blockchain: Bitcoin & Beyond

Grant Barkman

What if a Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words?

Hannah Taylor

A Cold Walk in Shoes Without a Home

Hazel Borys

Confessions of a Former Sprawl Addict

Heather Hinam

Discovering the Amazing in the Everyday

Israel Idonije

Five Key Principles to Building Successful People.

Janet Schmidt

If You Could See What I See: You Could Achieve Your Dreams

Jo MacDonald

Lemonade/Language Aid Stand

Jocelynn Johnson

Service Dogs Are Not A Pet Project

Jodie Layne

Flipping the Script - Pleasure and Prevention

Joe Kalturnyk

No Such Thing as a Snow Day

Joel Carter

Storytelling at the End of Life

Johanna Hurme

Design Economy

John Janzen

Symptoms of Hopelessness

John Luxford

The Digital Identity Revolution

John Weigelt

Enabling Canada’s Economy Digitally

Jon Waldman

Swimming Aimlessly: Getting Men to Talk about Infertility

Joseph Ranseth

Who Moved my Unicorn?

Kal Barteski

Art of a Polar Bear

Kale Bonham

From the Other Side of the Tracks: Bridging Cultures Through Community Provoked Art

Karen Letourneau

A Breakthrough in Prenatal Ultrasound

Kerry Stevenson

How 3D Printing Will Change the Way You Think

Kim Zeglinski

Under the Autism Umbrella: Providing Shelter From the Storm

László Pintér, PhD

The Reflexive Community

Leif Norman

Len Brownlie

Helping the Swiftest Be Swifter

Les Foltos

Peer Coaching – 21st Century Teacher Skills

Leslee Silverman & Columpa Bobb

The Moving Gallery @ the Edge of the Screen

Linda Cureton

Unmasking the Superhero in You

Maclean Thiessen

My Life As A Canvas

Madison Thomas

Arts in the Hood

Matt Cohen

Hiding in Plain Sight: Uncovering History through Ghost Signs

Matt Henderson

Teaching Ourselves to Last Forever

Michael Redhead Champagne

Oppression to Opportunity

Mike Johnston

A Synonym for Science is Poetry

Mike Lund

The Time of Your Life

Miyoung Suh

Farming to the Sky: Thinking Upward for Nutrition in the North

Nick Skytland

Nicole Buckley

Canada Alive in Space

Nusraat Masood

Play to Inspire

Patrick O’Reilly

The golden rule is wrong — so what do we do about it?

Pay Chen

Phil Doucette

Between You, Me and Liberation

Rana Bokhari

Leadership: Breaking Traditional Gender, Age, & Religious Barriers

Rehman Abdulrehman

But where are you Really from? Resolving Unconscious Bias

Richard Van Eck

The Gaming of Educational Transformation

Robert J. Sawyer

To Live Forever – Or Die Trying

Robert L. Peters

Solace House

Robert Sawyer

Creating the Future

Ryan Mayberry

The Future History Of Art

Sandi Reimer

Choose Your Altitude

Scott Stirton

Intelligent Buildings

Sean Garrity

Solo Cinema: fiction that is real

Shaun Loney

Poverty, Crime and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sheena Grobb

Our Health and Lives are Incredibly Fragile: I Found this Out at 16

Sherry Lee Benson-Podolchuk

Workplace Bullying and the Strategies I Used to Survive

Sonya Ballantyne

If I don't see myself, how do I know I exist?

Sparsh Agrawal

Why I Trust Ants for Investment Decisions

Stephen Dubienski

Using Biofeedback for the Psychological Effects of Concussion

Stephen Sim

Who Wants to Play?

Steve Langston

Goal Smashing

Stuart Taylor

Designing solutions to poverty is child’s play (that’s what makes it so hard)

Tara Miller

Who needs eyesight when you have vision

Tatjana Brkic

Social Innovation in Business

Ted Geddert

Terry Godwaldt

DeforestAction: Global Project Based Learning

Terry MacLeod

Finding a Life Beyond the Gang

Tim Hague Sr.

Beginning life with Parkinson’s at the age of 46

TJ Dawe

An Experiment in Collective Intelligence

Todd Scott

How Humour Can Help to Save a Life

Tracey Bone

The "F-Word"—Revisiting Feminism

Vicki Olatundun

Road Safety Isn’t Child’s Play. Or is it?

Wilma Derksen

When Polarity in Forgiveness Happens

TEDx Talks

People Talking TEDxWinnipeg

Meeting new people and learning new ideas!


Fantastic day at TEDxWinnipeg!! #PeanutButterSynergy #TEDxWpg2016


“If I could summarize the overall vibe of the day it would be CREATIVITY AT WORK.”




Such amazing speakers!


The event staff were fantastic — very friendly, accommodating, and willing to help with whatever.


Quality of life has been shown to drastically improve by attending TEDs


It is so worth a day off – you gotta do it!


TEDxWinnipeg has changed my world in so many great ways.


The people are awesome. I was actually * in awe *


TEDxWinnipeg is the most open and receptive forum for sharing that I have ever had the pleasure of attending.


TEDx is a great way of reaching out to people with innovative and creative minds.


An amazing group of people come together for this event and it actually makes our community better.


Great people. Great experience. Great ideas.


A very well run event – I wish every Winnipegger was able to take this in!


Details for Guests at TEDxWinnipeg 2018

Attending TEDxWinnipeg?  We have details for you! When:  June 13th. Registration opens at 8am. Doors open at 8:15am, and we should be wrapping up for the day by 4:30pm. When you arrive, please line up at the registration desk corresponding to the first letter in…

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