Amy Krahn

The Humble Wooden Spoon


The earliest evidence of humans using wooden spoons can be dated to as far back as 1000 BC. There is something that humans find inherently attractive about the primal aesthetic of the wooden spoon; it creates a connection to nature and to our history.


Amy Krahn was raised on an acreage in rural Manitoba. Ever since she realized that one had to work for a living, she started planning her entry into the crafts market, creating lines of products from a young age. Amy has always had an active imagination and taken great pleasure in creative pursuits.

Amy participated in multiple sports, but specialized in volleyball near the end of junior high, later, earning a full athletic scholarship to the University of Georgia where she studied Fine Arts for two and a half years before returning home. While waiting to determine her deeper calling, she spent 8 years as a hair stylist in a high end salon, where she enjoyed her clients and being able to express her creativity through the medium of hair.

In the fall of 2015, Amy quit her job, packed up her life, and went to Perth, Ontario to learn furniture making with a focus hand tools. She loves the challenge of creating furniture with classic wood joinery, and will always be committed to a high level of craftsmanship in her work. Another of her passions is carving, which she has begun to incorporate in her work by creating spoons and carvings on cutting boards.

Amy is now fully committed to my woodworking business, where she enjoys consulting with clients to create quality furniture and wood products that are both useful and beautiful.