Brad Tyler-West

Opposites Distract


What if the majority of issues in the world weren’t black or white but grey? What if grey were glorious?


Five quick questions

Brad is an expert in human systems management, in celebrating diversity, and practicing inclusion. His approaches transcend cultural and racial diversity to encompass all forms of inclusion, including intergenerational workforces, LGBTTQ employees, and conscious entrepreneurs. Brad has worked with both the private and public sector across North America and the Pacific Rim. He was recognized as the Asia Pacific Entrepreneur of the Year from the Asper Centre. Building on his earlier experiences as a champion debater and professionally trained actor, Brad represented Canada in the 2004 International Championships of Public Speaking. We are delighted that Brad will take the TEDxManitoba stage in February, 2012.

What motivates you?

Bridging intersectional theory and the power of narrative—all we truly own is our stories. When a person realizes that they can change their story, it’s amazing. Storytelling is both the oldest form of communication in our human experience and the most compelling. Linking that to discoveries in quantum physics, sustainability, personal development, spiritual growth, citizenship, and human rights/dignity is something that excites me so much, I fairly vibrate!

What do you do for a living and why?

I am blessed in that my vocation is also my “paycation.” As a Senior Human Resource Consultant for The Legacy Bowes Group, I get to develop a practice around diversity and inclusion with focus on LGBTTQ issues, leadership development, and whole life coaching. As a sexuality educator and facilitator with the Rainbow Resource Centre and Klinic Community Health Centre, I am able to increase awareness and build capacity around issues of gender, gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, sexual activity, and the complexity that we has human beings bring to those issues and ourselves, in Winnipeg and Manitoba. As a writer I get to contribute articles to OutWords Inc. the LBGTTQ magazine for the Province of Manitoba. I also get to work on my upcoming book and occasionally act, as an extra for movies being filmed locally. This work chose me as much as I chose it. I couldn’t imagine not doing this type of work. It is simply too important, too engaging, and too much fun!

Which Ted Talk do you think everyone should watch?

Sir Ken Robinson’s bring on the learning revolution

Why are you excited to speak at TedxManitoba?

I have been a huge fan of the TED Talks since I first heard of them years ago—I love the idea of creating a space and place for conversations that matter, inspire, and provoke. To be honest, I have always thought it would be an incredibly cool experience to be one of those speakers. It is an amazing opportunity to interact with people who “get it” (the power that comes from being consciously engaged in the process). Being able to do this in my adopted hometown of Winnipeg, doesn’t get any better!

What is your idea worth spreading?

What if the majority of issues in the world weren’t black or white but grey? What if grey were glorious?

What gifts would the grey areas of life give to you and others? What if you can change your story? What story would you want to tell about yourself and your life? What if it wasn’t about some of us, it was about all of us? What if, everything was connected to everything else? What if nothing existed or operated in isolation? What would you do? How you are the change you wish to see in the world?

What if by being in the glorious grey you are able to be more fully who are you and who it is you want to become? What if you could give yourself permission to step through a doorway, from one way of being and/or viewing yourself and the world into another?

Since our stories are all we truly own, by changing our story, we change ourselves and we change our world. One person, one story at a time. By changing one thing, we change everything!