Carolyn Klassen

Learning from the Sequoias: the Value of Interconnectedness


Humans are wired for connection; a strong interconnected system of authentic, intimate relationships is essential for us to be healthy. Sequoia trees teach us much about the value of a strong interconnected system of roots. With an understanding of the value of this web of interconnections in their world, people can dare to establish and invest in meaningful friendships throughout adulthood.


Carolyn O. Klassen has completed a Master of Arts degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counselling in Fresno, California. She also has a degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Manitoba.

Carolyn’s experience includes working with men and women as individuals, couples and families in a counselling setting. She practices her individual and couple therapy as a subspecialty of Occupational Therapy. When appropriate, she enjoys helping people use their spiritual practices and religious beliefs in support of their growth.

Carolyn is a certified facilitator in The Daring Way™, a curriculum developed out of the research of Dr. Brené Brown. She regularly delivers workshops, seminars, retreats, and sermons regarding topics of grief, self-compassion, shame, depression, anxiety, intimacy, vulnerability, authenticity and wholehearted living. Believing fundamentally that we are wired for connection, presentation topics generally point towards having more meaningful and satisfying connections. Carolyn speaks weekly on various mental health topics with Hal Anderson on 680CJOB.

Carolyn Klassen was an instructor at the University of Manitoba, having taught there for about 14 years instructing Professional Master’s students in areas of clinical interviewing, advanced communication, supervising topical seminars and groups. She volunteers with the University supervising students in fieldwork education placements at Siloam Mission/Madison House, and as a consultant with the Outtatown Program at Canadian Mennonite University.

Her concern for a client’s growth toward wholeness encompasses the physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms of life. While clients bring difficult and serious issues to therapy which are dealt with very seriously, she also sees the merit in learning through celebration and humour.

Carolyn has a blog, “A Thoughtful Look at Life“, that muses about the intersection between daily life and a therapist’s observations. Carolyn serves as the clinical director of Conexus Counselling, working towards continuing excellence in all areas of the practice. She loves her job and considers her colleagues as great friends, and her clients as her teachers.

Carolyn is married to Jim and lives in Winnipeg. She loves lattés, books, sunshine, watching her sons play sports, and all things TED and TEDx. This is Us and Top Chef are her guilty pleasures.