View Talk: “Marginalized Women and the Attitudes of Men who Propel it

Cornelius Buller, 2015 —

Five Questions with Cornelius Buller

cornelius-bullerWhat motivates you?

I hope for my children and future generations an increase of justice and love in the world. I want my life to contribute toward the flourishing of kindness and generosity and toward the elimination of injustice and oppression. The way toward the vision is to live it myself and to inspire others.

What do you do for a living, and why?

I am a writer, a speaker and a consultant. I am inspired through engagement with the words and ideas of others. I enjoy contributing to a meaningful dialogue; particularly if we can help improve the world, the social, cultural and physical environment which we share and within which we together live.

Which TED talk do you think everyone should watch?

Why are you excited to speak at TEDxWinnipeg?

TEDxWinnipeg is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas in the context of a community of people engaged in improving the world. I look forward to the opportunity to speak to that dynamic community and to share my passion.
What is your idea worth spreading?

Despite the amazing progress for women in our culture, women worldwide continue to be marginalized, oppressed and horrifically violated. The attitudes of men are the problem: attitudes about themselves, manhood and how a man treats women. My idea is to develop a movement of men who respect and honour women with the aim of changing the culture that validates violence against women.

What’s your connection to Manitoba?

My parents immigrated to Manitoba shortly before I was born. I was raised here, received most of my education here, have worked here and have raised my family here. During the years I lived in southern Ontario and in Europe, I missed the people and the big and crystalline blue sky.