Daniel Blair

Reforging Reality


Daniel Blair is a technology entrepreneur focused on working with innovative new technologies. A graduate of Red River College’s Business Information Technology program, Dan received the 2016 Future Leaders of Manitoba award and a certificate in 2016 for his work in applied research at CICAN for his work with Red River College. Dan founded the Virtual Reality startup PanoPla – a tool for businesses and individuals to build and share virtual reality experiences – and is CEO of Bit Space Development. Dan is also a founder and investor in several other Winnipeg and Canada based ventures. Always trying to improve education Daniel regularly speaks at educational conferences like SAGE and EdCamp Winnipeg, and is a regular at local schools where he works with them to bring the newest technologies like 3D printing, virtual reality, and single board computing into the classroom. In addition to these entrepreneurial and community initiatives, Dan has been working with Red River College’s Accounting & Computer Education department, mentoring students and helping build the project space where students work with local start-up companies to build their skills and learn about business and technology.