Dave Brown

Joke Theft Is No Laughing Matter


After performing comedy bits at a friend’s cabin, Dave Brown saw his own jokes performed on TV by someone who had been at the cabin. Inspired to write his Master of Fine Arts thesis on joke-theft in stand-up comedy, Dave argues existing copyright laws must be changed to better protect comedians’ work. Joke theft should be taken as seriously as other copyright infringement.


David Lawrence Brown has developed a reputation as a “chameleon” film performer, delivering a wide range of cinematic performances and personas, evidenced by his chilling portrayal of real-life psychopathic serial killer Gary Ridgway in A&E’s “The Riverman” to his comedic turn as inept hit man Sergei in the feature film “Stegman is Dead” to the bitter and heartbroken Sheriff Logan in “The Pinkertons” (Netflix), a performance that was recognized for an ACTRA award for Best Performance by a male Actor in 2016.

David’s attention to detail in performance has allowed him to bring a nuanced believability to characters from various backgrounds including Scottish (Passchendaele), Minnesotan (Fargo) and the mid-west USA (The 19th Wife). David has shared the screen with many notable performers including Robert Downey Jr. (Charlie Bartlett), Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern (J.T. Leroy) and Ian MacKellan (X-Men) among many others.

David is also a singer-songwriter and musician (fronting the rock band “Boss Logan”) and recently completed his MFA in film-making; writing and directing the web series project “Killing Gerry” (Vimeo) which examines joke-theft in stand-up comedy. David recently completed filming the feature film “The Parts You Lose” playing the mysterious Mr. Chambers, a government agent who is on the hunt for a dangerous criminal (Aaron Paul) and recurs as the disgraced and conflicted Ben Matheson in the CBC/CW series “Burden of Truth”. David is also anticipating the upcoming release of “The Grudge” (January 2020) feature film, in which he plays Sam Landers.