Deb Chaboyer

Reconciliation = Opportunity


Sharing her journey, Deb Chaboyer works to demystify the process of reconciliation and how all Canadians: individuals, businesses, and governments can actively participate in healing Canada’s national wounds.


Deb Chaboyer is a passionate educator at the University of Manitoba and an inspirational leader. She is an emerging entrepreneur in the developing stages of her company, Chaboyer International.  The company’s mission is to empower change and connect the world through Human Resources, Adult Education, Customized Training & Advocacy.

Throughout Deb’s lifetime people have shared their life stories, experiences, and challenges with her.  She is very grateful to each of them for trusting her with their stories.  This fuelled her passion to empower people to embrace their best selves and become the person in their dreams.  Deb is a holistic practitioner who believes in meeting the needs of individuals so that they can prosper and thrive in life.

Deb attended the University of Manitoba as a mature student and the lone parent of her six children.  She wore a cap and a gown for the first time at age 51 years when she graduated from the University of Manitoba and has made her career working with people to empower them.  After completing her degree, Deb worked in an Aboriginal Social Services agency that specialized in providing education, training, and employment services to the Aboriginal population in Winnipeg.  Next she became the Student Services Coordinator at a private vocational college in Winnipeg and worked one on one with students to identify their needs and advocate for them.  Student success continues to be her priority.

Deb believes that “Every person is a teacher and a learner. It is when we engage on this level that a dynamic and safe learning environment is created.”