David Falk

Swim Sideways: Break the Grip of the Rip!


The strategy used for escaping a rip current can be used to save your relationships as well as your life.

It is typically people’s strengths rather than their weaknesses that get them into conflict with others. “Swimming sideways” can be used to manage the shadow side of your personal strengths and avoid their excessive expression to foster more resilient relationships.


David Falk (MA C.Med) has been a Partner in the firm Facilitated Solutions since 2003. He is a seasoned consultant and conflict management specialist who has been assisting organizations prevent, manage and resolve conflicts since 1990. David has worked in a variety of settings as a mediator, trainer, facilitator, academic, and workplace consultant, assessing and intervening in conflict situations and providing consultation to many organizations throughout Canada. He has served on the faculty of Menno Simons College at the University of Winnipeg and helped to develop its conflict resolution studies program. David holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Masters degree in Conflict Resolution Studies, and is a Charter Mediator (CMed) with the ADR Institute of Canada.

David Falk specializes in building personal and team resilience, workplace mediation, group facilitation, group needs assessments, polarity (change) management, conflict resolution training, leadership coaching, team renewal sessions, and executive team development.

David enjoys making ice art and other more practical projects. He likes to spend time kiteboarding or playing basketball as well as supporting his exceptional and diverse family, which includes a child with autism and a wife who is an author and LGBTQ advocate/ally.