Ian McCausland

Picture Yourself Turning Fifty


Faced with his 50th birthday, Photographer Ian McCausland decided to profile and photograph fifty people who were also turning 50 years old, in hopes of finding some understanding of what he was facing. Many things were revealed. There were some common themes and lessons and some not so common.


A life long Winnipegger, Ian McCausland has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. He’s been producing award winning images for editorial use or advertising locally, nationally and internationally. His work has taken him far above the arctic circle, to the tropics and virtually everywhere in Canada. His work is known for his ability to set people at ease and make them enjoy the process of being photographed.

Driven by his passion to connect with other in his community with his work, he’s been a TedX winnipeg volunteer for several years, producing some of the images you see of previous speakers. As well he helped form the local efforts of Help Portrait, a worldwide movement to provide images to those who can’t afford them at the holidays.

With his wife Lynda and 14 yr old son Liam, Ian enjoys exploring the beauty of this province, camping as much as he can. The love of photography fuels his worldwide travels as well, organizing two group trips to Iceland and planning a group trip to India this Oct.