View Talk: “Storytelling at the End of Life

Joel Carter, 2017 —

Dr. Joel Carter is an accomplished palliative care and pain specialist, author, speaker, storyteller and artist. Born in Winnipeg, he received his medical degree from the University of Manitoba, completed a fellowship at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Harvard University) and trained at the Physician Leadership College (University of St. Thomas).

Joel’s clinical interests include management of complex pain syndromes and the use of storytelling and narrative as they pertain to the psychosocial aspects of dying patients and their families. He has won awards as a clinician, mixed media-multi-dimensional artist and author. He practices medicine and lives with his wife and two children in Minneapolis.

An Idea Worth Spreading

The secret of "what's most important" has profound impact on symptoms, healing, and connection in the art and power of the sacred space of stories.