Jon Waldman

Swimming Aimlessly: Getting Men to Talk about Infertility


Men suffer greatly in infertility, not just by watching their wives or partners struggle, but in their own spheres as well. It’s time to talk about it. We need a better understanding of what the male mind goes through amid infertility issues and how opening up can create comfort surrounding one of the most personal challenges one can face.


Jon Waldman is a Winnipeg-based marketing and communications expert. For six years, he and his wife Elana battled infertility. Then in 2015, they packed up their life and dog to move to Victoria, BC and came home a month later with their beautiful girl, Kaia. Today, Jon is a spokesperson for Fertility Matters Canada’s Manitoba chapter. Jon and Elana also speak privately with couples battling infertility.

A four-time author, Jon was shortlisted for the 2016 Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award and was a 2017 Winnipeg Police Service Citizen’s Award recipient.