Jonathan Meikle

Acknowledge The Story Behind The Label


We label everything. It helps us navigate life. But what if labels aren’t all we are? Can someone be both a Hero and a Criminal? Jonathan Meikle digs deep into the question of identity.


Jonathan Meikle, born 19 August 1989 is an Afghanistan war veteran. He is father to his son Cohen Meikle and stays very involved with Cohen’s older brother Aidan Gray, in whom he loves the two of immensely. Jonathan grew up in the northern community of Norway House Cree Nation, approximately a drive of 800 km North of Winnipeg. There, he experienced what it was like to live in a community with the social difficulties that our reserves in Canada are faced with mainly as a result of inter-generational trauma acquired through colonization, the residential school system and the sixties scoop.

Jonathan now resides in Winnipeg, where he is very involved in community and grassroots initiatives including volunteering With Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol. Jonathan is very active in the addictions community, learning about traditional teachings, seeking knowledge in community economic development and advocating for community-based solutions. To stay active and channel his energy, Jonathan is a devoted competitive boxer out of the Stingers Boxing Academy. Jonathan accredits all of his energy invested into the community to being what builds and maintains his happiness and fulfilling lifestyle.

As a testament to his character, Jonathan has received praise and recognition for his actions while involved in a high-risk situation that received national attention. Due to his bravery, Jonathan has been honoured and recognized by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Royal Canadian Humane Association.

Jonathan believes that through unity, forgiveness, love and understanding we can do better for our young people that struggle to be productive members of society. It is his values and beliefs that push him in working towards his aspirations of becoming involved in community programs aimed at helping out adolescents who struggle in the cyclical lifestyle of the criminal justice system.