Kerri Twigg

Burn Your Old Resume, the Future of Work Is Here


The way people have been taught to writes resume and land work is broken. Kerri Twigg illustrates a new way to teach people to look for work, switching up how they build resumes and managing their careers.


Kerri Twigg is an international career coach who helps people use their
stories to grow their careers. She was named the #1 Career Coach to
follow by JobScan and was named a LinkedIn Top Voices in 2018 in the
Workplace and Management category. She is a contributing author to the
Amazon best-selling career book, YouMap.

Kerri has been helping people to figure out what makes them awesome and
how to embrace that awesomeness for over 20 years. First as a creative
drama teacher and now as a career coach. She doesn’t tell everyone this,
but she’s allergic to formulas that make you look like everyone else.
You’re more interesting than that.

Kerri is a Certified Resume Strategist. She holds a B.A in Theatre and
Film (U of Winnipeg), M.Ed in Humane Education (Cambridge College) and
an HR Certificate from Red River College. She has taught and spoken at
theatres, Universities, corporate boardrooms and even a boathouse.