Leslea Walters

Mind Your Own Pregnancy!


Women are subjected to the unsolicited opinions of random strangers whose comments typically serve only to create unnecessary anxiety. Given advice founded purely in myth and old wive’s tales, these women have enough to deal with, considering the normal physiologic changes of pregnancy! Leslie will set straight some myths, offer reassurance and tips for a healthy pregnancy and also make people aware of what they CAN say!


Dr Leslea Walters is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, having trained as an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. She sees patients in her downtown practice, delivers babies at the Women’s Hospital (Health Sciences Centre) and operates at various hospitals around Winnipeg. She has been in practice for 5 years and prior to that completed residency training at the University of Manitoba, after graduating from medical school at the University of Ottawa. Her interests are quite varied and she will tell you she ended up in medicine “by accident” after a brief career as a flight attendant. Fortunately, it has been a good fit for her and she finds it fulfilling to serve her patients with a wide range of women’s health concerns.

Leslea has led her colleagues in several community based initiatives to advance women’s health. They offer a walk-in clinic for cervical cancer screening and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Recently they sponsored a fundraiser for Winnipeg’s local Women’s Health Clinic. Her next endeavour is to take on the role of Section Head of Obstetrics at the Women’s Hospital – HSC. There she will be more heavily involved in the evaluation of residents in the training program. Later this year, the Women’s Hospital will move to its new location and she is excited to be part of such a major transition to a gorgeous and more functional new space.

Leslea grew up in Winnipeg and attended school in Saint Boniface, within the DSFM (Division scolaire franco-manitobain). In order to maintain fluency, she attended medical school in french. She is also a single mother to two boys whom she adores. Watching them grow into fine young men gives her tremendous joy and keeps her busy shuttling them to and from their after-school activities.

The TEDx Talk platform will allow Leslea to reach a wider audience, and she is excited to share some of the knowledge which she has grown over her years of training and early practice.