Sparsh Agrawal

Sparsh Agrawal


Ants, fireflies, and nature in many forms somehow always finds a way to solve hard problems. Algorithms developed to solve complex real-world optimization problems by studying nature’s techniques have shown very promising results in a number of fields, including financial portfolio management.


Sparsh Agrawal is a grade 9 student. He is an innovator, debater, scientist, mathematician and a hockey fan. When he was in the sixth grade he developed his first iPhone app called “The Mind Reader”, and he’s always had a love for technology. Sparsh has always been interested in using this interest to find solutions for real world problems, and that has led to many prize-winning science fair projects. Over the last two years, Sparsh has combined his passions for finance and technology in his research. His latest work focused on the applicability of bio-inspired computing in financial portfolio optimization.

When Sparsh is not working on his research, he likes to play table tennis. He has been part of provincial table tennis team and has proudly represented Manitoba in Canada national championships.