Today would have been TEDxWinnipeg 2020

Dear TEDxWinnipeg family,

Today was to have been our 10th-anniversary show. We had plans to celebrate past ideas that have changed us and showcase new ideas from amazing speakers.

Then the pandemic closed all but essential work in Manitoba and we made the tough decision to postpone the show.

Up until that point, we were running strong: our speakers were chosen, our first rehearsal was done, workshops were scheduled and press releases were in the works.

And today, instead of celebrating 10 years worth of idea sharing in Manitoba, we’re emerging into a new world.

A world that has us humbled, angered, saddened… and yet hopeful.

We’re humbled seeing our community in masks, keeping physical distances, yet reaching out to help those who don’t have others to depend on and supporting local businesses. This compassion towards others and sharing of burdens shows kindness and that we all do depend on each other.

We’re angry at the threat of violence against protesters and the unjustifiable inaction of leaders to the south of us. Leaders have the opportunity to make communities better and should make communities safe and supportive for all.

We’re saddened to know change is driven by the pocketbook, not by approaching environmental crises or human suffering.

We’re angry that the highest-earning members of society are not focusing more of their attention on sustainability and the safety of people.

But mostly we’re hopeful because so many people who have joined us onstage, online or in-person are amazing people who are working to make our world a better place.

We’re hopeful that the voices shouting today will be the ones our children study tomorrow as change-makers, who become our leaders, and make the world better for us all.

If 2020 had progressed like any other year, we would be live on stage today sharing ideas filled with hope and action. You can find past ideas online at or at

If you are not feeling like yourself or if you need support of any kind please, please reach out to a loved one, a medical professional or an online support source and ask for help.

Important conversations can and still need to be happening, and we hope that when we come back together (eyes set on early June 2021 if large groups can once again gather) we can share ideas that will drive us into the future.

No matter what, our world will never be the same again. We think it’s up to us to make it a world to be proud of.

The TEDxWinnipeg Committee

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