Conversation, Connection, and Community

TEDxWinnipeg is back!

In September, Kerry Stevenson gathered a new volunteer committee to bring TEDxWinnipeg back to the stage. Since then, speaker applications have opened and a date and venue has been confirmed,

Join us on Thursday, June 6 at Prairie Theatre Exchange!

TEDx is the grassroots TED initiative with the mission to discover “ideas worth spreading,” with talks from local speakers who share ideas that help people understand and navigate the world. Volunteers from the local community organize a TEDx event, and just like TED events, its goal is to spark conversation, connection, and community.

Previous TEDx events took place in Winnipeg from 2011 to 2019. Planning was well underway in 2020, until the show became one more cancellation in navigating through a global pandemic.

The first TEDxWinnipeg events were limited to only 100 attendees. This is a condition of the TEDx license that is in place until an organizer attends a TED conference in person and becomes qualified for the unlimited attendance TEDx license.

As the previous license-holder for the most recent TEDxWinnipeg events has moved on, Kerry attended the TED conference in Atlanta, Georgia in October, obtaining the necessary qualification from TED. It’s another step along the path towards a 2024 relaunch of TEDxWinnipeg.

The Atlanta conference, TEDWomen 2023, was billed as Two Steps Forward, and provided an opportunity for Kerry to take in the full TED experience and share what he learned with our Winnipeg team. “Along with myself were around 160 other TEDx organizers from around the world. While many were new to TEDx, some were quite experienced and I had the opportunity to learn quite a bit from them.”

“Our goal is to produce a successful show and build an organization and process that’s sustainable,” said Kerry.

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