Diane Roussin

Indigenous Social Innovation


At the heart of Indigenous wisdom is the philosophy of pimatsiwin – the good life. Indigenous wisdom, worldviews & perspectives naturally cultivate innovation, which offers universal solutions that can enable all of us to thrive.


Diane Roussin is a passionate community leader committed to the pursuit of pimadaziwin (the good life) for all families and children. Her in-depth knowledge of Indigenous issues and solutions flow directly from her strong sense of identity and worldview. She is a proud member of Skownan First Nation and currently lives in Winnipeg.

Diane is currently the Project Director of the Winnipeg Boldness Project, an ambitious social innovation initiative seeking to create large-scale systems change for children and families in the Point Douglas neighbourhood. She has worked tirelessly, primarily in Winnipeg’s inner city, for initiatives that promote Indigenous People’s values and ways of knowing and being. She has led many projects and organizations including as Executive Director of the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, as Co-Director of Community Education Development Association, and as Coordinator of The Centennial Neighbourhood Project.

Diane is adept at leading collaborative processes that involve numerous cross-sector partners and stakeholders, to tenaciously seek solutions to barriers, and to pursue tangible outcomes for the benefit of the community. Diane holds both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Work Degrees.