Stephen Dubienski

Using Biofeedback for the Psychological Effects of Concussion


stephen dubienski TEDx2016Sport management and psychology professional Stephen Dubienski is backed by an extensive background in sport management, sport psychology, brand marketing and elite athletic performance. His professional career has included working for Lorning Ward Sport Management, the Vancouver Olympic Committee and Red Bull. A former professional and NCAA Division 1 tennis athlete, organized hockey player, high school volleyball and golf member, Stephen developed an understanding of sport performance and the psychological toll, especially after injury is comprehensive and extensive. With a Masters in Sport Psychology at the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management from Georgia Southern University, he is motivated by an intense passion to help provide positive tools for athletes suffering from psychological setbacks, specifically from sustaining a concussion. Stephen believes that biofeedback training could prove to be a positive alternative to anti-depressives, sleeping pills, pain pills, drugs and alcohol, and assist individuals to work through depression, stress, anxiety, loss of confidence, fear and anger issues to be the happy, healthy and productive people they were before sustaining a concussion.