Announcing: TEDxWinnipeg 2016 Speakers

TEDxWinnipeg is pleased to announce the speaker lineup for 2016. This year, 11 talented and engaging local thought leaders will join headliners Israel Idonije and Dr. Nicole Buckley on June 2nd at the Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre to share their “ideas worth spreading.”

Joining TEDxWinnipeg 2016:

Alex Drysdale: Founder of Crik Nutrition, Alex will join TEDxWinnipeg to speak on insects and the future of food. “Livestock is the leading cause of environmental damage to the planet. From deforestation to water and air pollution. Insects are 20x more efficient using 2000x less land and water to produce the same amount of edible food.”

Stephen Dubienski: A Sport Psychology Masters candidate at The University of Manitoba, Stephen is joining TEDxManitoba to speak on the use of a biofeedback intervention with youth athletes post-concussion and its relationship to coping with psychological setbacks.

Daniel Blair: Daniel, founder of Bit Space Development, PanoPlan and recent recipient of the Future Leaders of Manitoba, will join TEDxWinnipeg to speak about how the virtual reality landscape is changing, the implications for other industries, and how VR is going to change the world.

Janet Schmidt: Business management training, coaching and mediation professional Janet Schmidt is joining TEDxWinnipeg to speak on transformation through the insight of others. “What would change if we could see ourselves as other see us – the good, the bad and the ugly?”

Cheryl Fergusen: A band director with 20 years of experience reaching people through music, and director of one of the largest band programs in Canada, Cheryl will join TEDxWinnipeg to discuss the best way to motivate people to excellence by blending tradition with personal connection, so they feel part of a team, and that they will be treasured and remembered.

Alexandra Hasenpflug: This 26 year old artist from Winnipeg is gifted with Synesthesia, a rare occurence where the brain fuses two senses together. Cheryl will share about her experience with Synesthesia – which is known as Chromesthesia, the ability to hear in colour – and how she shares that experience by painting what she hears when listening to music.

Madison Thomas: Professional filmmaker Madison Thomas will join TEDxWinnipeg to discuss the benefits of getting inner-city youth involved in the arts, and the lasting positive effects engaging in the arts has throughout one’s life.

Matt Cohen: Advertising enthusiast, copywriter, marketing strategist and historian Matt Cohen is joining TEDxWinnipeg to shed light on the names, slogans and brands buried in the history of Winnipeg’s “Ghost Signs,” how marketing has changed over the last century, and how each ad on Exchange District buildings has a story to tell.

Earl Gardiner: Founder and CEO of a Manitoba community-based respiratory company, Earl is joining TEDxWinnipeg to examine how we now have to be very intentional about how we approach the three fundamentals of a healthy life: fitness, nutrition and sleep – and how, of all of these, sleep is still neglected.

Dwight MacAulay: Chief of Protocol at the Government of Manitoba, Dwight is a native of Killarney, Manitoba. He will be joining TEDxWinnipeg to discuss the value of protocol in the 21st century, and how it is a factor in our ever-changing multicultural society.

László Pintér: Sustainable Development expert and professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, Laszo is joining TEDxWinnipeg to speak on The Reflexive Community: “Successful communities of the future must have capacities that are structurally embedded and engage the community as a whole in co-creating awareness of where the community comes from and where it is heading.”

Interested in attending TEDxWinnipeg? There’s still one week left to apply! Those interested in attending the event June 2nd and contributing meaningfully to the conversation are encouraged to complete the TEDxWinnipeg guest application. As the event has a limited seating capacity, there is a “mask review” of each application based on the answers submitted.  Identifying information is removed before the selection even begins so seats are filled with a diverse and inspired audience. The deadline apply is April 22, 2016.  

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