3 Reasons to Take Mom to TEDxWinnipeg

Mother’s Day is an important opportunity to reflect, respect, and honour the women in our lives who have guided us through life and helped us grow into the people we are today.

There are lots of ways to show Mom you care… but why not try something different to do with Mom for Mother’s Day this year and give her a ticket to TEDxWinnipeg 2019?

TEDxWinnipeg is an annual event dedicated to the sharing ideas and making new connections, so why not consider spending a day with Mom hearing from innovative thinkers, getting inspired, and learning new things together?

Check out our top 3 reasons to take Mom to TEDxWinnipeg 2019:

1. Explore New Ideas Together

TED is all about sharing ideas, and there’s no better way to find new, engaging, and thought-provoking ideas than attending a TEDxWinnipeg event!

By attending with Mom, you’ll both have the opportunity to hear from some of Winnipeg’s most forward-thinking, innovative minds who will challenge you to think differently.

Even better: every TEDxWinnipeg talk ends with an “ask” that the speaker makes to the audience. This “ask” is an opportunity for you to take action and act on the ideas and concepts they’ve shared in their talk, and a great way to stay motivated together.

2. Learn Something New About Each Other

TEDxWinnipeg is, of course, an excellent opportunity to learn something new from each of our speakers, but it’s also a great way to bond with your Mom and learn new things about each other!

Grab a coffee and a snack in-between talk sessions and discuss the talks you just heard together. Ask each other questions like:

  • What was your favourite talk, and why?
  • What’s one actionable “ask” you want to start doing right away?
  • How did the talks make you feel, and why?
  • Did any of the talks bring up memories for you? Which ones?

Even better: once you’ve gifted Mom her ticket, send her to our Speakers page and start getting excited together about our fabulous lineup of speakers, and ask Mom which speaker she’s most excited to hear from, and why. Her answers may surprise you!

3. Make Memories You’ll Treasure Forever

While there’s nothing wrong with taking Mom out for dinner for Mother’s Day, but by attending TEDxWinnipeg 2019 you can create an opportunity for you to make lasting and impactful memories with your Mom.

Not only will you both get to spend the day in the historic MTC John Hirsch Mainstage listening to a lineup of thoughtful and entertaining speakers together, but you’ll have the chance to get inspired in our Idea Lounge, to unwind in our Relaxation Lounge, and to grab a bite together from any of the drool-worthy food trucks that will be on-site for lunch.

Every TEDxWinnipeg is memorable in lots of ways, but attending with someone you love and care about you can add a deeper level of meaning and importance to your day. After all: there’s no better way to show you care than by spending time with the people that matter.

Register Now and Save

If there’s anything Moms (okay, everyone) loves, it’s a good deal, and right now TEDxWinnipeg 2019 tickets are on sale for just $45 each! But pricing won’t last for long, so act now and reserve your tickets at our Early Bird pricing (we won’t tell Mom, we promise).

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