Is it your turn to be on our stage?

Every year TEDxWinnipeg opens applications to local speakers who want to showcase the best ideas to improve and impact our community.

The process used to choose each talk is complicated, but here are some insider secret to help your application stand out:

  1. Your idea.
    Your idea is the most important part of your application! It must showcase a new or unique way of exploring a topic, and let us know what you can, will, and are already doing to make your community (near and far) a better place for everyone.


  1. Why are you the one to share this idea?
    You don’t need a PhD to share your idea! All we want to know if what you’ve done, lived through, or created to make this idea yours to share.


  1. How does your idea fit into the lineup?
    We aim for a balance of technology, entertainment and design, as well as a balance of gender and background. When two or more ideas are submitted in the same year, the speaker committee debates which idea may spark the most conversation.


Over 100 entries are submitted each year, and from those we choose just 14. The speaker committee team spends hours debating and discussing the very best line up for the year. Inevitably, we turn down incredible talks and cross our fingers and hope that the applicant will try again.


In 2018, one of our speakers made it to the stage after 7 years of trying. You just never know when your idea may the one that balances the day perfectly!


So if you’ve ever thought of speaking at TEDxWinnipeg, this is your chance. Applications are open until February 28th at .

Is it your turn to be on our stage?


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