Meet The TEDxWinnipeg Volunteer: Reyn Redekopp

TEDxWinnipeg is a one-day event dedicated to sharing and spreading ideas, but it takes a lot of time, commitment, and teamwork to make it a reality every year! In fact, everyone involved with TEDxWinnipeg – from the speakers, to the sound guy – are all volunteers driven by a passion for knowledge and innovation.

In the leadup to TEDxWinnipeg 2019 we’re publishing a series of interviews with some of our valued team members. First up, Reyn Redekopp!

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a husband, father, grandfather, educator and tech guy. I taught grades 7 -12 for 28 years and taught math, science, English and multimedia primarily. I have taught at the Faculty of Education at University of Manitoba for the past 10 years. My current emphasis is teaching teachers how to use technology effectively in their classrooms.

I publish web sites for family and friends, have one app for student teachers published and am starting a new one soon.

Why did you originally decide to get involved with TEDxWinnipeg (back when it was TEDxManitoba)?

I was good friends with Norm Lee who got the first TEDx licence in Manitoba, He asked if I wanted to help with organizing and running the first TEDxManitoba and I dove right in. I was on practically every committee and created the website and ran the social media feeds, but Norm Lee was the driving force behind it all and did tons of work to get it going. Full credit to him for making the first few so successful that we now have a ton of volunteers who were inspired to join us.

What about TEDxWinnipeg keeps you coming back to volunteer?

The people I get to work with are great – speakers and volunteers!

What’s your greatest strength? How does it help you as a volunteer?

I am willing to help out with whatever. I think as the person who puts the mics on the speakers I get a chance to sense what they need in terms of nerves and try to give them reassurance and confidence or just share some laughs to help them relax.

What’s been one of your favourite TEDxWinnipeg moments?

Sitting on the stage at the first TEDxManitoba. For some reason which I can’t remember we had a large white and red sectional sofa on the stage. No one used it in their talks all day long and at the last break someone asked me about it and then ‘double-dog dared me’ to sit on it during one of the last talks.

Terry Godwaldt was a teacher and I thought he would be used to the unusual, so i asked him if he would mind going along with this. He agreed and when he was introduced I went up and sat on the sofa during his talk – while the audience tried to figure out how I fit into his theme.

What’s one TEDxWinnipeg talk you think everyone needs to watch?

Ali Saeed’s (2017) opening line of “The Barefoot Man is Coming” is something we all need to take to heart. Kale Bonham and Michael Champagne from 2012 also give us a hopeful picture of how attitudes in Winnipeg can transformed.

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