Ottawa Citizen: What astronauts can teach us about aging

When Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield returned to Earth after nearly five months in space in 2013, he described his physical state as “tottering around like an old man.”

Hadfield, in his mid-50s at the time, was experiencing the accelerated aging that life in space brings on. It is so intense, that astronauts usually need help getting out of their spacecrafts when they return.

A recent article in the Ottawa Citizen features the work Nicole Buckley spoke about on our stage in June 2016, saying “Canada is leading the international push to get space scientists and geriatricians working together because there are so many similarities between what astronauts experience in space and old age.” The article goes on to talk about Nicole’s work and her efforts to invite collaboration into the study of aging based on the accelerated aging effects of space on astronauts.

Give the article a read, and don’t miss her talk, also mentioned in the article.

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