Six Questions with Daniel Blair

1. What motivates you?

So much actually, but the biggest thing for me is seeing how technology is impacting our world. When I was a kid I dreamed about machines that could build any object I wanted, pocket sized computers, and a helmet that could let you travel anywhere. Now as an adult I get to witness my own daughter experience all this amazing technology.

Every day I get to go to work and build amazing things using technology that is new and exciting. I like to say I am in the business of blowing people’s minds.

2. What do you do for a living, and what do you love about it?

During the day I wear a few different hats. I am the CEO at a small technology company here in Winnipeg called Bit Space Development where my team and I help businesses, start ups, and innovative people build their dreams.

I have also founded several app start ups with my team, most of which are focused around virtual reality. PanoPla is a tool I created that helps anybody author their own virtual reality marketing content and share it with the world. Through my new studio, PrairieVR  I am helping people creative interactive photos and videos that bring their story to life.

I am also heavily involved in the developer community here in Winnipeg where I help organize several groups including Winnipeg Android, Winnipeg Web and Mobile developers, and Ramp Up Weekend.

3. Why are you excited to speak at TEDx?

Well in short it is an exciting and new experience for me. The longer answer is that I am excited to share my vision with everybody who will listen. I have been inspired by TED talks in the past and never thought I would have an idea big enough to spread.

4. Which TED (or TEDx) talk do you think everyone should watch?

My Favorite talk is Edward Snowden’s talk.

First of all it is cool he was actually a robot for his talk (for obvious reasons) but he also brought up a lot of interesting things about the state of security and made me think a lot about the world I live in. There are so many good talks though, I would recommend that you search for a talk in your field and I bet you’ll find your inspiration.

5. What is your idea worth spreading?

I am here to talk to everybody about Virtual Reality. Not VR in the sense that we have a cool new toy but in the sense that we are going to be using this new medium to build the most immersive storytelling experiences you can imagine. We’re reforging what reality is to us. Virtual Reality is already disrupting our industries with amazing training experiences and taking people places they could never imagine.

6. If you could witness any historic event, which one would you choose?

Vikings for sure.

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