TEDxWinnipeg 2016 Headliners

In its 6th year running, TEDxWinnipeg (formerly TEDxManitoba) is pleased to announce headliners Israel Idonije (Israel Idonije Foundation) and Dr. Nicole Buckley (Canadian Space Agency) will join its distinguished lineup of speakers for the June 2nd event at the Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre in downtown Winnipeg.

TEDxWinnipeg is a day full of big ideas, passionate stories, reflections, insights and expertise. The event, which attracts hundreds of applications every year, hosts a select group of 230 Manitobans (up from 100 in previous years) and thousands of live streamers for a day packed with presentations and discussion. The goal? To stimulate minds, build lasting connections, share ideas and foster opportunities for personal and professional growth long after it’s over.

Israel Idonije is an entrepreneur, humanitarian and thought leader who moved to Brandon, Manitoba from Nigeria when he was four, and played on the University of Manitoba Bisons football team. Along with a decorated 11-year NFL career as an elite athlete for the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, Idonije founded the Israel Idonije Foundation, the programs of which have contributed to the building of lives of over 8,000 youth in Chicago, Winnipeg and West Africa. Idonije also started Blessed Communion and Athlitacomics, opened the Bureau Chicago, and co-founded Ask The Doctor to help people around the world get medical advice and help. Idonije is passionate about having a positive impact on the world, and lifting up and building others. He will join TEDxWinnipeg to speak on Five Key Principles to Building Successful People.

Dr. Nicole Buckley is the Chief Scientist of the International Space Station (ISS) and Life Sciences at the Canadian Space Agency. Since receiving her doctorate in Oral Biology from the University of Manitoba, Dr. Buckley has contributed to the development of probiotics for use on Earth and in space. She has participated in over a dozen space missions on space platforms, including a recoverable satellite and the ISS, and is responsible for programming activities for the Canadian allocation of ISS, including develop and leading a robust life sciences program. Dr. Buckley’s goal is to make sure that Canadians have opportunities to do science in space, and will join TEDxWinnipeg to speak on Space Health and Aging Research.

Those interested in attending TEDxManitoba on June 2nd and contributing meaningfully to the conversation are encouraged to complete the TEDxWinnipeg guest application. As the event has a limited seating capacity, there is a “mask review” of each application based on the answers submitted.  Identifying information is removed before the selection even begins so seats are filled with a diverse and inspired audience. The deadline apply is April 22, 2016.

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