Think Forward – A TEDx Found Poem

Think Forward

I imagine what we can do to prevent bike theft,
I imagine daycares in nursing homes,
I imagine being accepted for who I am.
Knowledge leads to change
Inspiration leads to growth
When out of the box authenticity lays the groundwork for sharing ideas or in my language – love.
We talk about changing the world but what about letting the world change us.
See the energy that emanates from a blank slate
Push limits if you see them but wouldn’t it be better not to notice limitations at all?
Let the growing pain of your brain hurt.
Use all of the time you aren’t at work or asleep to find your bliss – I hear meditation is fun.
I imagine nap pods,
I imagine thoughtful disruption,
One day I will run my own business.
Join the selfie station generation whose motivation to strive for openness knows that perspective matters.
Spark a human connection, idea reflection, beachball questions.
Ideas ideas ideas ideas ideas ideas then crossing the sacred space into action
Today I learned to speak up more than I already do
Today I learned that not everyone has the ability to safely speak their mind.
Buried in the block chain of intersectionality,
Deep dive into your own green revenge and find butterfly strength.
I’ll tell you something about stories…
Today I learned that I can do anything.

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