How to Host a Viewing Part for TEDx Winnipeg

Can’t attend TEDx Winnipeg? Host a TEDx Winnipeg viewing party in your classroom, boardroom or living room!

The basics are easy. All you need is:

  • A room with a good internet connection
  • A screen where you can show the TEDx Winnipeg Livestream
  • Seating
  • Some forward-thinking friends or colleagues to share the experience!

Of course, you don’t have to stop there. Here are some ideas to take your viewing party to the next level.

  • An image of a casserole with a cheesy topping. Photo credit: Personal CreationsPotluck. New ideas will work up an appetite! Ask your guests to bring dishes for lunch and snacks to share with the group. Bonus points if they are inspired by the theme of “Forward Think” or one of the speakers.
  • Name tags. TEDx name tags are an important part of the event to break the ice and get people talking. Include a section on the tag called “Talk to me about…” and ask guests to share three things they love to discuss – whether it’s slam poetry, sci-fi or social media.
  • Second screen. If you have another screen available, cue up the TEDx Twitter feed or the feed for one of our hashtags – #TEDxWinnipeg and #TEDxwpg2017. Post a photo of your group with the hashtag and join the conversation!
  • Your ideas worth spreading. Plan time for your guests to share their own ideas worth spreading and talk about what they’ve heard. You could even assign a topic for an improv, on-the-spot talk!
  • Ideas worth swapping. Ask each guest to bring a book, documentary or piece of music to the event that represents an idea they want to share with others, and plan a swap.
  • Sketch your ideas. Give your guests notepads and encourage them to make sketch notes of the speaker’s ideas. Or use a whiteboard or a large pad of paper and an easel to have each guest take turns sketching different talks, or several guests sketching at once! Give prizes for the most expressive sketch note, the fastest sketcher, the best group effort, etc.

Whatever you do, let us know on Twitter @TEDxWinnipeg, on Facebook or on Instagram!

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