Join the TEDxWinnipeg Viewing Party

This year we’ve received more applications than ever before! Unfortunately, due to space limitations, we can’t accept every application to attend the event. Which is why we’re pleased to announce that this year, TEDxWinnipeg will include an organized TEDxWinnipeg Viewing Party!

What is a viewing party?

  • Share in and experience the TEDxWinnipeg energy from another location!
  • Watch the TEDxWinnipeg live-stream, and participate in TEDxWinnipeg idea sharing activities that mirror those taking place at the Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre
  • Hosted by past TEDxWinnipeg speakers Todd ScottHeather Hinam and Kal Barteski and featuring the 99.1 Fresh FM events team.
  • For a $25 fee, you will receive food, non-alcoholic beverages, grab bags, prizes and on-site programming.
  • You’ll be on the list for future TEDxWinnipeg event invitations.

Top 10 Reasons You’ll Want to Attend the TEDxWinnipeg Viewing Party

  1. Great ideas foster great ideas. When you share your ideas with others and listen to theirs, new ideas and connections are formed that could be the next Big Thing.
  2. You’ll be inspired to reach further. Speakers, volunteers and other attendees are all aiming to follow their best ideas; you’ll be inspired to do the same.
  3. You get the opportunity to see great speakers who might not otherwise have a platform. From first-timers to seasoned performers, from magicians to mathematicians, our stage is open to everyone.
  4. You can enjoy great local food in a Winnipeg venue!
  5. You’ll learn something new. In fact, your eyes will be opened to countless new perspectives and possibilities.
  6. This is a chance to participate in a respected global event on a local level.
  7.  It’s a great way to make lasting connections with diverse, interesting people from all walks of life.
  8. You’ll be able to participate in a social media conversation that’s trending in Winnipeg.
  9. Through our ice-breaker games, you’ll be challenged to meet new people and share your ideas.
  10. You’ll never see the world the same way again.

If you’re currently on the TEDxWinnipeg wait listyour fee is transferable if a spot opens up to attend the event at Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre. People on the wait list have priority registration this week, but as of Monday, May 9th registration for the Official Viewing Party will be open to the public.

Update: Registration is now open to attend the viewing party!

Can’t attend the official Viewing Party? Host your own viewing party in your classroom, boardroom, office or living room! Many businesses and organizations in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada show the TEDxWinnipeg live stream in the boardrooms, classrooms, staff rooms or offices every year so employees, students and volunteers can take in the event. Interested? Email Yanik Ottenbreit about the Livestream to learn how.

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