100 Speakers and Counting

Since 2011, TEDxWinnipeg has presented 100 speakers and talks onstage at our annual event. With applications now open for TEDxWinnipeg 2018, who’s going to be next?

At TEDxWinnipeg, we are exceptionally proud of its past speakers, and love to see what they do after their talks are done. People like Wilma Derksen (2012), Madison Thomas (2016), Aisha Alfa (2012), Johanna Hurme (2017), Todd Scott (2015), and “The Bannock Lady,” Althea Guiboche (2012). In addition to being livestreamed, TEDxWinnipeg talks are recorded and receive a wider viewing online in the months or years that follow. Some of those are featured by TED or TEDx, and some become very influential, being added to playlists and receiving extremely large numbers of views online. Sandi Reimer (2014) and Cheryl Ferguson (2016) have achieved in the range of 55,000 views each, and Sherry Benson-Podolchuk (2015) has had her talk viewed online more than 153,000 times.

This year, Sherry also received the Senate’s Canada 150 Medal. Meanwhile, Hannah Taylor (2011) received a Six Core Principles Award from the Muhammad Ali Centre, and was again named to the Top 100 list of Canada’s Most Powerful Women. Well-known local activist Michael Redhead Champagne (2012) was one of seven appointees to a MB Child And Family Services Legislative Review Committee. Even if you didn’t catch the project by Kal Barteski (2013) to transform a Wolseley alley into an arctic art installation, you’ve probably seen her #kbscript all over. This November, Sonya Ballantyne (2017) was featured in an episode on “indiginerds” on CBC’s Unreserved with Rosanna Deerchild, which was also one of the “best-of” episodes for 2017. App developer Darrick Baxter (2015) announced an “Ojibway Netflix” app launched as part of effort to revive American Indian languages in Minnesota and elsewhere (Ojibway ‘Netflix’ launches on Apple store). The online streaming service in the Ojibwe language is believed to be the first of its kind.

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