Announcing the TEDxWinnipeg 2019 Speakers

From over 100 applications and many, many hours of discussion and submission scoring, we’re

super excited to announce the following as our speaker line up for 2019!

Monique Andrew: How Your Tickle Trunk Can Save the World

Dave Brown: Joke Theft Is No Laughing Matter

Deb Chaboyer: Reconciliation = Opportunity

Alan Cross: Spotify Is Killing Music

Ashleigh Lodge: What Is (Digital) Accessibility and Why Should I Care?

Aleethia Mackay: How Iceland Got Teens to Say No to Drugs, and How We Can Too

Ian McCausland: Turning 50 Is Not As Scary As You Think It Is

Jane McDonald: If We Really Want Clean Water, We Have to Redefine Who Is an Environmentalist

Jonathan Meikle: Are They Criminals, or Are They Human Beings That Have Committed Crime?

Aylia Mohammadi: From Biology to Behaviour: How a Systems-Level Approach to Personalized Nutrition Will Improve Human Health

Celine Nadon: Technology Revolution: More Than Smart Devices and Social Media. Harnessing Science to Solve Ancient Diseases, Eliminate New Scourges, and Bring Hope to the Planet!

Kobra Rahimi: Loss of Home

Alice RL: What’s a Trans?

Matthew Shorting: Intergenerational Survivor and Healing

Kerri Twigg: Burn Your Old Resume, the Future of Work Is Here

Leslea Walters: Mind Your Own Pregnancy!

Do you recognize anyone? Give them a shout-on social media and say congrats!

Local improv favourites Stephen Sim and Caity Curtis return for their fourth year as event emcees. Additional information and event registration is available now at The event has sold out every year – so don’t wait!

What Comes Next?

In the past few weeks each of the speakers has been paired with a speaker buddy; someone who acts as a mentor, a coach, an editor, a confidante and a shoulder to lean on.  

The speaker journey begins with many versions of their talk, making sure each thread builds on the Idea Worth Sharing and over the next few months they’ll be put through rehearsals, an onstage improv workshop and many many hours of revisions.

It’s an exciting and scary time for them, so reach out and let them know you’re excited to hear them talk!

Make sure you get your ticket before we sell out. Early Bird tickets are now on sale now and can be purchased by visiting

And to make things even better for our city, TEDxWinnipeg as an option during checkout where you’ll be able to purchase a ticket for a new Canadian or someone who may not have the means to afford a ticket.  

TEDxWinnipeg works with many organizations that improve our city and you can help by purchasing an extra ticket in your name or your organization’s name.

Tell us which speaker you’re excited to see by using #TEDxWinnipeg and #TEDxwpg2019 hashtags!

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